Saturday, 18 May 2013

Career Upliftment Program for Academics (CUPA)

Krishnaa Human Initiatives has launched Career Upliftment Program for Academics (CUPA) at Kolkata. The aim of this Program is to provide an overview of both the theoretical and practical aspects of conventional and advanced technologies to the practitioners/educators for a better understanding and growing ability of applying the knowledge.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the program, the participants will be able to:

*  understand the basic principles of water and energy

* comprehend the basic principles of new and improved water technologies
*  have practical knowledge on the design and operation of the processes involved
* learn the various hydrologic and water related software, logic and algorithms and methods
*   to apply them efficiently for achievement of their chosen objectives
*  an opportunity to publish in national/international book/journals based on the quality of the project 

Target group
The module specifically targets professionals in companies, consulting agencies, ministries, education and research institutes having BTech degree from AICTE approved institute

Program structure

The candidate upon enrolling for the program will be asked to select his/her topic of interest. Based on the selected topics supervisors will be approached to guide the enrollee. The enrollee upon the guidance of the supervisor will complete the objectives assigned to him. When the supervisor recommends the completion of the project a Certificate of Completion will be provided to the enrollee as a recognition of his/her achievement signed by the Secretary of the institute and a Guest Technical Adviser.

Ms.Tilottama Chakraborty

Ms.Tilottama Chakraborty, an Assistant Professor at NIT Agartala who studied Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering at Jadavpur University has successfully completed the research project entitled “Application of Fuzzy Logic for Selection of Suitable Locations for Reservoir Development for the fulfillment of Career Upliftment Program for Academics (CUPA) under the supervision of Dr. Mrinmoy Majumder, Guest Technical Adviser, Krishnaa Human Initiatives

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