Sunday, 19 August 2012

Krishnaa Human Initiatives extends cooperation in tribal child education

Krishnaa Human Initiatives extended its cooperation to Bhalopahar at Dangorjuri village, Kunchia in Purulia district West Bengal, India in its rural development programs to educate the tribal children who shall uplift their own community in future, caring at the same time that the communities ultimately do not usher into a future devoid of a sense of their inherent environmental culture among their offspring. The budding school of Bhalopahar is an attempt to connect the Santhal and other underprivileged children with their own culture, so that they begin to take pride in it, while learning to read and write in English, Hindi and Bengali.

Smt. Moushumi Biswas, the Vice-President of Krishnaa Human Initiatives, a Teacher of Hindi language & literature in Army Public School, Kolkata, in a visit to Bhalopahar taught the tribal children in the school. Her teaching style encouraged student participation to take some responsibility for learning what they need to know and for asking for help when they don't understand something. They learnt more than just course specific topics and were taught to be able to effectively work in group situations and manage various interpersonal roles.

The Bhalopahar school functions only up to standard VII, yet it is a school with a difference. Presently, the school has 170 students of which 146 come from Santhal communities and the rest belong primarily to the Mahato communities of the area. The school provides books and uniforms at subsidized rate and free mid-day meal to its students.

Sri Susanta Biswas, the Secretary of Krishnaa Human Initiatives, eminent documentary filmmaker interacted with Sri Kamal Chakraborty, the Secretary of Bhalopahar, distinguished writer, about the society’s goal to have an environmental school with hostel and regular playground and other facilities wherefrom all-square students will graduate in future. 

Sri Biswas also emphasized the issue of natural resource management with a focus on forest & water preservation in the surrounding area.

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