Saturday, 27 August 2011

National Eye Donation fortnight

When there is a boon, there is a prevalence of a curse, for sight being the former and blindness the later in this case. But to every problem, there is a solution and it is humanity in this case. For some, the world begins and ends with darkness but to present them with a beam of life and light is well within our hands. Eye donation is indeed a parameter of measuring how fast the society is letting the superstitions go away and initiating the noble virtues.

Between 25th August and 8th September, 2011 the Govt. of India is organizing the 26th National Eye Donation fortnight which primarily aims at popularizing the noble cause among the country so that people affected with  problems regarding Cornea can be treated with the help of the fellow countrymen. The main facts that are being targeted are that eye can only be donated after the death of an individual and on a religious note, neither any religion prevents it. But still majority of the population isn’t brave enough for taking the decision. This government initiative is no doubt a radical thought on improving both rural and urban lives by the help of various eye banks.

(Smt.) Krishna Biswas, a personality ahead of her times, in whose memory and inspiration the Krishnaa Human Initiatives have been set up, made sure that after she lives her last breath, her eyes will be donated.

Krishna Biswas
[30.09.1943 - 11.11.2009]

On 11th November, 2009 when she left the world, her eyes were donated to the Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre of Kolkata for transplantation, therapy and medical research work. This shows the way which should be followed and unlike getting lost in the crowd everyone should dare to take the first step which requires efforts on the grounds of humanity, dedication and courage. She not only left her legacy but made her eyes see the earth even in her absence.

For a noble deed like this, it’s worth donating, let’s help people! Let’s help India!