Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Participating India Water Forum 'International Water Convention'

Krishnaa Human Initiatives participated in the India Water Forum ‘International Water Convention’ on Water Security and Climate Change:Challenges and Opportunities to have productive dialogue for exploring scope for sustainable water management in drought prone area of rural Bengal. IWF was held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi between 13 & 15 April 2011. 

The global convention  showcased advanced knowledge and successful technologies developed in different countries and regions as well as promoted international knowledge networks and partnerships for addressing challenges related to Water Security and Climate Change. It also promoted new eco-friendly and sustainable strategies and technologies in the water sector through discussions, debates, and dissemination of information by various water sector stakeholders.

Sri Susanta Biswas, Secretary, Krishnaa Human Initiatives in an interaction with Dr. Sujana Dhar Scientist & Member of the organizing committee at India Habitat Centre in the India water Forum
Krishnaa Human Initiatives focuses on rural development through natural resource management with an emphasis on providing low cost technology by enhancing  traditional knowledge for rainwater harvesting, digging small well, water retaining by check dam and introducing micro irrigation etc. in saline belt of Sunderban and drought prone areas.

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