Friday, 30 October 2015

CHOKHER ALOY : Sight of Eye - A Biographical Documentary on Late (Shrimati) Krishna Biswas [both Bengali & English language versions]

The Documentary on Late (Smt.) Krishna Biswas is an 8.5 minute long depiction of her dynamic life in a nutshell. Like many stories lost in translation and submerged into oblivion, this could have been the case with this multifaceted personality if this effort to document her life had not been taken up by Susanta Biswas and Moushumi Biswas. A life which encompasses such wideness and utility needs to be captured through the lenses, so that the person could be remembered, treasured and never be lost. The documentary tells the story of an ordinarily extraordinary individual. A depiction of how simplistic yet effective one life can be.

30th September, 2015, Wednesday, at 7 pm, the Digital Video Disc (DVD) of the Biographical Documentary Film CHOKHER ALOY : Sight of Eye on the life of Late (Smt.) Krishna Biswas was released on her 72nd Birthday by Distinguished Academician, Shri Mihir Sengupta.

The audio-visual coverage of the program of 05 minutes 56 seconds duration is available in the following link:

DVD Release Program of CHOKHER ALOY

Shri Mihir Sengupta, Distinguished Academician releasing the DVD of CHOKHER ALOY

To watch the Biographical Documentary Film in English and / or Bengali of 09 minutes 30 seconds and 08 minutes 28 seconds duration respectively please go through the following links:

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