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Krishnaa Human Initiatives in Micro Irrigation

The Water Tank 

The Pipes
Krishnaa Human Initiatives has taken a program to introduce drip irrigation system to the saline belt of Sunderban at North 24 Parganas. Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigating. This system is typically efficient around 90% or higher. That means is much less wasted water. For this reason drip is the most suitable method of irrigation in the saline belt. Drip irrigation has other benefits which make it useful almost anywhere. It is easy to install, easy to design, can be very inexpensive, and can reduce disease problems associated with high levels of moisture on some plants. Drip irrigation works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil. The high efficiency of drip irrigation results from two primary factors. The first is that the water soaks into the soil before it can evaporate or run off. The second is that the water is only applied where it is needed, (at the plant's roots) rather than sprayed everywhere. 

Krishnaa Human Initiatives with cooperation of the local MLA Sri Nirapada Sardar and Yogananda Ashram at Khulna (Sundarban) set a model drip irrigation system on the ashram ground to demonstrate the same to the local farmers. Sri Susanta Biswas, Secretary, Krishnaa Human Initiatives interacted with the local farmers club and depicted the benefit of drip irrigation to them. Agriculturist Sri Jayanta Chakraborty described the pros and cons of the system. The MLA Sri Sardar conveyed thanks and gratitude to Krishnaa Human Initiatives for introducing such a scientific system of irrigation to the locality and requested also to spread the initiative to other adjacent islands. The Yogananda Ashram authority also conveyed their heartfelt thanks to KHI. 

The Field

Manually filling the water tank
The Joint

The technical details

Susanta Biswas, Secretary, KHI with Nirapada Sardar, Member of State Legislative Assembly in the field

Susanta Biswas, Secretary, KHI with Nirapada Sardar, Member of State Legislative Assembly interacting with the farmers

Susanta Biswas, Secretary, KHI with Nirapada Sardar, Member of State Legislative Assembly addressing the Farmers Club

Villagers looking the system

Farmers watching the demonstraion

Susanta Biswas, Secretary, KHI with Nirapada Sardar, Member of State Legislative Assembly and Yogananda Ashram authority

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