Thursday, 1 September 2011

CLIMATE I CARE : an English online monthly newsletter on climate change issues

Krishnaa Human Initiatives, launched an online monthly English Newsletter on CLIMATE CHANGE issues at:

CLIMATE I CARE is about impacts of climate change and possible mitigation strategies to compensate the same. It aims to identify the impacts and find an optimal but inexpensive solution to reverse the change.

Editorial objective

Climate change is now not only a matter of discussion it is a duty of every human being to make their earnest attempt to prevent this change from becoming a reality.Launching in 2011,Climate I Care  highlights the need for disseminating research, projects, new policies, strategies or action plans, impact analysis,mitigation measures which may lead to the development of a cumulative and aggressive mechanism to prevent the impacts of climate change.


Climate I Care publishes articles,graphic-orials,periodics,fact-sheet dealing with  climate change,impacts and its mitigation and disseminates experiences from projects and case studies where due consideration to environmental, economic and social aspects is given and especially "the links and leverages that can be attained by this holistic approach".


Climate I Care regards climate change under the perspective of its wider implications: for economic growth, water and food security, and for people's survival - especially those living in the poorest communities in developing countries.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

•           Climate change
•           Variability
•           Global warming
•           Mitigation
•           Adaptation
•           Natural resources
•           Uncertainty
•           Impacts
•           Ecology and ecosystems
•           Urbanization

Key journal audiences

•           Researchers and Academics performing research and studies on climate change
•           Activist of Climate Change
•           Journalist,Reporters,Editors interested in climate change
•           Engineers,Designers of Hydraulic structures
•           Cultivators
•           Natural Resource Managers
•           Companies undertaking construction and development projects which may be influenced by climate change
•           Business strategy and policy makers that take into consideration their future survival
•           Government organizations such as Environment Ministries and Planning Committees
•           Banks, insurance companies, energy providers and other stakeholders whose business is influenced by climate change

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