Monday, 18 July 2011

Participating in Awareness Raising and Information Campaign on Research & Innovation Cooperation with Europe

The European Union and its Member States organized together a series of information seminars throughout India to raise awareness among Indian research stakeholders about the opportunities that they can offer for research and innovation cooperation, including mobility schemes for Indian researchers. The events took place in Kolkata, among 27 key research and innovation hot spots in India.

Krishnaa Human Initiatives (KHI) participated in the seminar held at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata on Wednesday 15 June 2011. Shri Susanta Biswas, the Secretary & Dr. Mrinmoy Majumdar, the Hony. Technical Advisor, AP, NIT, Agartala represented the organization in the seminar. Ms. Alicia Greated, Director, Research Councils UK was the Coordinator of the program at Kolkata.

Shri Susanta Biswas, the Secretary, KHI

Dr. Mrinmoy Majumdar, the Hony. Technical Adviser, KHI

Ms. Alicia Greated, the Coordinator of the program

The information seminar at Kolkata as a part of the Awareness Raising and Information Campaign in India, successfully explored the possibilities of Research & Innovation Cooperation with Europe.

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